Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release is a form of Mindfulness-based manual therapy in which the practitioner facilitates the client’s own inherent ability to correct soft tissue dysfunction.  The techniques are generally performed directly on the skin, without the use of oils or lotions, and in the most simple of terms, involve slowly and patiently unwinding and releasing the fascia.  The benefits are many, but in general, after one or more treatments, most clients experience a significant reduction of pain and dysfunction, deep relaxation, enhanced organ function, and an increase in their overall feeling of wellbeing. 

Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy is - in simple terms - a Mindfulness-based manual therapy that observes, supports and balances the Craniosacral system of the body, which includes the fluids and connective tissues, the bones, and the nerves of the cranium and spinal area. This practice also has positive effects on all other systems of the body. Craniosacral Therapy sessions are client led, with the practitioner listening to and following the intelligence of the body. Your body will set the pace for the treatment; the gentle approach facilitates integration of the changes that occur. The practitioner uses specific techniques, and works both intuitively and actively to aid the body to reintegrate towards optimal health. Both structural and biodynamic approaches to Craniosacral Bodywork can be implemented in your treatment.  

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


These Holistic Bodywork treatments  are comprised of two main techniques: Deep Tissue  Massage and Trigger Point Release.  Massage is excellent for supporting healthy circulation and balancing muscle tone. It can be applied gently or vigorously depending on your body’s needs, and is generally intended for relaxation, and relief from muscular pain and tensions. Oils and lotions infused with essential oils are used to enhance the relaxing and rejuvenating effects. Trigger Point Release is used in combination to reduce the presence of, and pain associated with, Trigger Points (muscle knots) within the skeletal muscles. Once the points are located, they are released slowly and mindfully with direct compression. You may be asked to perform specific exercises at home to prevent the recurrence of these tight bands of muscle fibre.